Linguistic diversity in the Philippines

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THERE are a large number of prejudices relating to language and language use. Possibly the commonest one is the concept indigenous languages are primitive. Alternatively, as professor David Crystal says, “There’s no this type of factor as a primitive language: each and every language is in a position to nice good looks and gear of expression.” Borrowings may also be taken up to wanted as a way to reinforce the language, to evolve to new occasions. English phrases like ‘desk,’ ‘executive,’ ‘priest,’ ‘bay’ or ‘easy’ come from French. Few folks know that 45 % of English phrases in reality come from French. And no person comes to mention that English is a “bastardized” language: the essence of the language was once no longer affected, however invigorated.

In the similar approach, there is not any connection between the complexity of the language and the intelligence of the audio system or of the tradition; each are language myths. If that had been true, the Eskimo folks would have the very best intelligence quotient, going best via the complexity in their languages. On the similar time, talking English isn’t an indication of intelligence, as any individual can see whilst being attentive to the tips, feedback and suggestions of positive politicians and tv stars on this nation.

Languages additionally “advertise neighborhood concord and energy, foster pleasure in a tradition and provides a way of self-confidence to a neighborhood.” Native languages are a supply of pleasure, as I’ve observed whilst wandering round Ifugao and Kalinga. The Cordilleras are some of the few puts the place I’ve been informed: “It’s important to be told the greetings in our language. This can be a topic of appreciate.” Being proud in their identification may be very useful for a society as a way to prosper and reinforce. English will have to be reserved for eventualities during which the audio system don’t proportion the similar language.

Languages are cultural treasures too. Linguists have accumulated a number of definitions as a way to spotlight the significance of languages within the cultural order. Professor Krauss, a professional at the endangered languages of Alaska, claims that “any language is a perfect fulfillment of a uniquely human collective genius.” Professor Ivanov says that “every language constitutes a definite type of the universe,” or, expressed in a extra idealistic way, “Each and every language is a temple, during which the soul of those that discuss it’s enshrined,” as American student Oliver Wendell Holmes already mentioned in 1860. Being a polyglot is excellent good fortune; talking other languages obviously will increase our wisdom of the arena. Each and every language is, in reality, every other view of the arena or, once more mentioning professor David Crystal: “Each and every language displays a singular encapsulation and interpretation of human lifestyles.”

Sadly, no longer a lot is being completed to save lots of this wealthy heritage within the Philippines. In lots of instances, an lively program of language revitalization would supply new lifestyles to many languages. In different instances, the one factor we will do is to ship an ethnolinguistic in a position to making a piece of documentation and recording with the previous couple of audio system prior to the language vanishes perpetually.

It has even been reported via a number of students whilst doing fieldwork that there’s a tendency amongst Filipinos to keep away from admitting they belong to a definite local people, as though that was once a supply of disgrace or discrimination (some audio system of Cuyonon in Puerto Princesa denied wisdom of the language in a survey, claiming they simply knew Tagalog, for instance). Personally, the rarer the language an individual speaks, the extra distinctive it’s, and that is the way in which everyone will have to take a look at languages.

Whilst within the Ecu Union, Taiwan — which is said to be the birthplace of the Austronesian languages — and Australia — after a long time of discrimination towards the aboriginal peoples — many steps were taken to maintain their respective language heritages, the Philippines, some of the richest nations when it comes to human and linguistic biodiversity, does no longer actually have a first rate museum of ethnology the place Filipinos may just be told concerning the many cultures inhabiting this archipelago, the place kids may just be told range and tolerance.

Filipinos can not be expecting their executive to expand insurance policies to inspire the upkeep or preservation of this valuable and already vanishing linguistic heritage, since they see — wrongly — heterogeneity as a risk to the solidarity of the rustic, when it is only the other: heterogeneity, for the reason that very starting, has been the core of the actual and prismatic identification of the Philippines. Except one thing is finished about it, in not up to 100 years the Philippines will lose — and I’m being positive right here — a minimum of 50 % of the languages which can be recently spoken. It will be a silent cultural disaster. However in any case, it should be mentioned that maintaining alive this intangible, cultural and highbrow heritage is dependent best at the will in their audio system. They nonetheless have time to opposite the craze.